Whizurl's Shop is Now on Lazada!

Alhamdulillah, Whizurl's Shop is now on Lazada! Although we have just started the business less than five years ago, we think that leveraging on one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia is a good idea to further building the business. 

Whizurl's Shop has lots of products to offer to customers, however, only about 30% of key products made available on Lazada. This is because we want to gradually update the store on monthly basis and to only feature our best collections based on Lazada's targeted customers. Check out what are the products that we are offering on Lazada at the moment:

1) Earth Mama Angel Baby (EMAB) - We are one of the retailers appointed by Malaysia's sole distributor, Fravi Sdn Bhd to sell a range of EMAB products.  The products that we always replenish at the moment are EMAB Nipple Butter/Cream 30ml and 60ml, EMAB Mama Bottom Spray 120ml, EMAB Mama Bottom Balm 60ml, and EMAB Baby Bottom Balm 30ml. 

2) Baby Clothing & Accessories - We handmade most of the baby accessories and also obtained some from our suppliers in China. However, due to shipping issues, we decided to focus more on highlighting our local handmade accessories.

3) Baby Pacifier Holder/Leashes - 100% handmade by the sole designer, who is me! (>_<) using printed cotton that is safe for baby and mum. Our pacifier holder also known as pacifier clip made to be washable, light and exclusive to our customer. You will never find the same design in any brick and mortar store.

4) SUPPORi Sling/Baby Carrier - We are also one of the online retailers appointed by Malaysia's sole distributor, SUPPORi Malaysia to sell a range of baby products. We still keep a few baby slings in stock but with limited sizes. For other type of products and colours, please contact me first so that I can check the available quantity in shop's inventory.

5) Tote/Shoulder/Diaper Bags & Pouches - All handmade bags and pouches sewn with love from the bottom of our heart. We got cuts and bruises to finish every single one. Our bags and pouches are made to be washable, foldable and exclusive.

Anytime you are free, do visit my online shop on Lazada here or copy and paste this url bit.ly/wslazada to your browser handle.



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