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Doomoo Softy, The Multi-functional Nursing Pillow

Hi readers! We're featuring Doomoo Softy as one of the new arrivals this month. Doomoo Softy is a multi-functional cushion ideal for both mother and baby. • Wrapped round the adult’s waist, it is ideal for breast and bottle feeding. • The baby can lie or sit on it in total comfort, according to the age. This cushion will help the mother and the baby to relax, to feel at ease and to experience a real sense of well-being. Features: • Multi functional cushion • Super Soft and Comfy, a support pillow designed with passion • Micro beads allow for softness and easy shaping • Outer cover is made of soft elastic material for added sensation • Outer cover removable and washable • Micro Beads can be refilled (Sold Separately) • Multi usage as a pregnancy support pillow, nursing pillow, baby support aid Benefits of using Doomoo Softy: The Doomoo Softy can be used as an aid for breast or bottle feeding, relaxing and as a support for both you and baby. The super soft, stretchy cotton (95% cotto

A School Event is Coming Soon!

Image's gotta be a big day! An event that was arranged by my daughter's school is coming soon. There were several tasks given to me as one of the parents who is willing to participate. Hence, I'll be preparing some of the things before the weekend arrives. Fortunately the event falls on Saturday, 27th of July 2019, so my family and I will have more fun time together besides taking a break from a busy week. Stay tuned for my updates :)

Is there a Brighter Side of the World?

I always wake up every day with the hope to see the brighter side of the world, but often ended with the other way round.  The older I'm becoming, the more difficult life is. This is what my father used to say to me and I feel it is getting true now. What if I say that I live with the hope that people see me differently, not the way I am now. I don't want people to know what I feel inside, my worries, my thoughts and most of all what I'm afraid of. I usually live in people's dream, not mine. I hate being someone that I don't want to be, someone who can't avoid faking things to ensure people like her. What if I say that I'm afraid of what I'm going to be? I start to feel that I'm becoming so paranoid because of the environment that I've been living in, the people that I mingle with and see every single day. These people that I cannot run from for the rest of my life.  What if I say, I've been living with people who are egocentric, the

A Tiring & Smiggle-ing Day!

Photo by Tim Goedhart on Unsplash Sapa nak sangka hari biasa boleh jadi hari mencabar kan? Harini memang mencabar, dah la semalam tido lambat sebab duk update website, pagi kalut ribut satu rumah. Aku yang susun buku sekolah anak, baju salin kt taska, gosok baju skolah Kakak lagi, buat breakfast lagi, pastu mana sempat nak makeup bagai. So aku suh la my other half gi dulu keje naik motor since dia dah mula panicking sebab takut lambat (jenis kompeni yang mesti punctual all the time). Aku agak kalau tinggal arwah pun, roh still kene bangun untuk buat thumbprint. Tinggal la aku ngn anak-anak bersiap siaga...huuu~ 😓 Bila dh tinggal bertiga, semua jadi lemah gemalai ditambah ngn malas. Bila dh sampai kat pintu rumah, baru je nak jejak kaki turun tangga, Adik keluarkan suara kecik die, "Mi, Adik nak berak", Oh my! Masa ni la die nak poo poo. Hari lain takde pulak cmtu. So terpaksa la tunggu si kecik lepas hajat jap. Setel bab tu, bila dh hantar minions sume, tiba l

Selamat Tahun Baru 2019!

Harap belum terlambat nak wish all Selamat Tahun Baru 2019! Tarikh harini dah masuk 16 Januari. Belum sempat nak langsaikan hutang tahun lepas, pejam celik dah masuk tahun baru. Wishlist panjang gile, so tak tahu tahun bila baru sempat langsaikan semua. Malam ni cadangnya nak update online shop dengan latest number of stocks available. Sepanjang kat opis, berangan je nak buat macam-macam lepas balik keje, tapi bila dah sampai rumah, mata berat semacam... kalau melepak kat bilik tidur my minions yang ada aircond, memang syok je... mau tido terus sampai ke Subuh. Photo by Hutomo Abrianto on Unsplash Pastu considering 22hb ni gaji pertama untuk tahun ni, terasa cm nak gi shopping kt IKEA Cheras. Every time aku ngn famili bersiap nak pegi IKEA, Qina, my 1st minion pn cakap "umi ni sikit-sikit IKEA, asyik pegi IKEA je". Haha! bukannye aku ni jenis gilakan IKEA pun, cuma since from single years, 2007~ aku dah stat beli perabot IKEA. Nak kat

Salam Ramadhan from Whizurl's Shop!

Graphic created by Freepik | Edited by Linda Lazin   Now it is already May. Quite a quick jump from my last post in December last year. I've been wondering what to post and what last, I ended up canceling my blogging activity. Maybe it's not as important as my daily chores. Not to mention, the world that I'm living is the ordinary full-time-working-mum. I've also forced to put a halt to Whizurl's Shop's progress on making more handmade items to sell. My hobby is getting lesser attention from me since last year. I've been trying to draw more of ready-stock baby and mum items from all over places and selling them on any e-commerce platforms available in the universe. The month of May for this year also marked the month of holy Ramadhan. Hence, Whizurl's Shop and I would like to wish our Muslim customers, Happy Fasting and Selamat Berpuasa. Let us raise our dua that Allah S.W.T provides us ease, the courage, and strength to perform our Ibadah

Whizurl's Shop is Now on Lazada!

Alhamdulillah, Whizurl's Shop is now on Lazada! Although we have just started the business less than five years ago, we think that leveraging on one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia is a good idea to further building the business.  Whizurl's Shop has lots of products to offer to customers, however, only about 30% of key products made available on Lazada. This is because we want to gradually update the store on monthly basis and to only feature our best collections based on Lazada's targeted customers. Check out what are the products that we are offering on Lazada at the moment: 1) Earth Mama Angel Baby (EMAB) - We are one of the retailers appointed by Malaysia's sole distributor, Fravi Sdn Bhd to sell a range of EMAB products.  The products that we always replenish at the moment are EMAB Nipple Butter/Cream 30ml and 60ml, EMAB Mama Bottom Spray 120ml, EMAB Mama Bottom Balm 60ml, and EMAB Baby Bottom Balm 30ml.  2) Baby Clothing &am