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Salam Ramadhan from Whizurl's Shop!

Now it is already May. Quite a quick jump from my last post in December last year. I've been wondering what to post and what last, I ended up canceling my blogging activity. Maybe it's not as important as my daily chores. Not to mention, the world that I'm living is the ordinary full-time-working-mum. I've also forced to put a halt to Whizurl's Shop's progress on making more handmade items to sell. My hobby is getting lesser attention from me since last year. I've been trying to draw more of ready-stock baby and mum items from all over places and selling them on any e-commerce platforms available in the universe.

The month of May for this year also marked the month of holy Ramadhan. Hence, Whizurl's Shop and I would like to wish our Muslim customers, Happy Fasting and Selamat Berpuasa. Let us raise our dua that Allah S.W.T provides us ease, the courage, and strength to perform our Ibadah.

Till next post.


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